My First Yoga knows first hand the physical and mental challenges teachers face throughout the school day. We walk your staff through the fundamentals of alignment and breathing, basic stretches, balancing poses, strengthening exercises, and relaxation techniques, all geared to the special needs of teachers. These yoga classes are suitable for all experience and fitness levels and are typically held before/after the school day or during staff development sessions.

Single Workshop: Karma Clinic 

This two-hour workshop provides teachers and staff with the opportunity to improve their own health and well-being while learning yoga techniques they can share with their students. 

Class Series: Staff Strengthen, Stretch and Relax 

This series of hour-long classes allows us to address the unique needs of your staff as they learn to strengthen, stretch and relax. Fundamentals of alignment and breathing are expanded upon as teachers and staff are lead through a series of yoga poses that reduce tension and improve both balance and centering. 

“I cannot thank you enough for the fun and useful service you brought to our school. Your energy and excellent teaching skills made it a day to remember here at our school. Thank you for sharing it with my students and staff.” Preschool Director